Editorial Mission

Stannah Stairlifts is a family-owned and managed company that has thrived for over a century and a half, thanks to our strong values and exemplary business practices. We invest in our products and in our customers because we know we can only improve your quality of life by giving you our best. We’re stairlift manufacturers, but we know that our role is much greater than that. We know we can make a difference all around the world, which is why we want to change the conversation around ageing on a global scale.

On our blog, we are trying to reach anyone and everyone who wants to join us in creating and spreading a positive message about ageing. We seek to provide different perspectives on a huge range of topics that will appeal to all age ranges, because we all need to take part in this conversation. And when we say all, we mean all. We want to reach people in as many communities as possible, because people who come from different cultures, speak different languages and have lived through different experiences, can all contribute and work together toward a common goal.

We aim to reach our readers by providing originally researched, informative content in the form of articles, interviews, videos and any other form of communication which can be found on our Stannah blogs. With several articles posted weekly, we’re really pushing the conversation forwards. By providing honest, interesting and amusing information we hope to inspire, inform and captivate our audience. And of course, all our content has been carefully prepared, researched and thoroughly planned with our readers at the forefront of our minds.

Our efforts are all geared towards helping to create a positive attitude towards an aging society. An age-inclusive society where ageism is no longer a problem. By communicating with both younger and older readers, we aim to help bridge the gap between generations, and by doing so, increase the quality of life of all.

Content that makes a difference

The Stannah Content Team are the creative force behind Stannah Stairlifts’ worldwide communications. We are a team of specialised content strategists, content writers and native linguists, responsible for the identification and execution of Stannah’s global content needs. Because the demand for content can be extremely varied, the diverse set of skills on our team has been the key to being able to handle the full spectrum of topics we cover. Always loyal to our brand voice, our aim is to write original, relevant, informative articles that can be read and trusted by our audiences: content that is truly useful to anyone who reads it.

We know well-researched articles about current topics is the only way we’ll spark our readers’ interest, which is why our content team is surrounded by industry and subject matter experts. We are always one step ahead in our mission: to arm our readers with the information they need, while nurturing a positive mindset towards ageing.

To go that extra mile and represent our brand with integrity, each member of the team has tested each product we represent first hand. We regularly visit and collect direct feedback from our customers and we’ve even had the rare opportunity of being able to wear one of only 3 arthritis suits in existence. We’ve gone as far as we can to literally walk a mile in our readers’ shoes.

Our varied experiences have shaped our ability to cover a vast array of topics, from different perspectives, and write in a way that truly communicates rather than simply express. This is what makes our writing stand out. While we are building a solid foundation of knowledge, we also are making sure that every piece of content we write meets the needs of our customers no matter where they are in their journey.