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Learning new skills and having quality time with your family are key to a happy retirement

Happy Retirement – Make the most out of life

Written by Stannah on August 21, 2017

Age is just a number and retirement is now considered by many to be the “golden age” of adulthood. As life expectancy increases, having a happy retirement is now more important than ever. This is perhaps unsurprising, as retirees finally find themselves with sufficient free time to pursue those interests that most excite and stimulate […]

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Technology can benefit the mental and physical well-being of seniors

Ageing and Technology: preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Written by Stannah on June 12, 2017

As the world’s population is getting older, Ageing and Technology are pressing themes, and since technological devices are advancing faster than many of us could have ever imagined. Self-driving cars and virtual reality headsets have adapted from science-fiction to reality right in front of our eyes. These rapid changes may intimidate some seniors, as new […]

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Improving Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Improving Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Written by Stannah on May 8, 2017

Bathing is a habitual part of our life that we tend to take for granted, completely disregarding bathroom safety. However, whether it happened while you were late for work, or maybe rushing to make a dinner reservation, many of us have shared a similar experience. We’ve stepped into or out of shower too quickly suddenly […]

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10 ways caring for a pet can improve life for a senior

10 Ways Caring for a Pet Can Improve Life for a Senior

Written by Stannah on April 3, 2017

According to research in The ‘pet effect’, caring for a pet has a wide range of physical, psychological and social health benefits, which can be extremely important to promote in the elderly as these areas deteriorate. Makin Tracks recently published an article highlighting some of the main reasons why a pet is vital in the […]

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Do not be a danger in traffic if driving is not given to you anymore.

Hit the Brakes: Warning Signs It’s Time for Seniors to Limit or Stop Driving

Written by Stannah on March 6, 2017

While there is no precise age that a person’s ability to drive is compromised, the fact of the matter is that age can have an effect on our driving abilities. There are seniors in their 80s who are able to drive actively and safely, while others in their 50s pose danger to others each time […]

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Common Misconceptions that Might Hinder the Joy of the Ageing Process

Written by Stannah on February 13, 2017

There are many misconceptions associated with ageing that affect our loved ones as they grow older. These stigmas can negatively impact our elderly loved ones and may affect their interactions with others. The later years of life often feature an increase in expendable time, allowing for new experiences and connections. Unfortunately, some elderly people may […]

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A guide for transition care

Welcome Home: A Guide for Handling the Transition from Hospital to Rehab to Home

Written by Stannah on January 11, 2017

A lengthy stay in a hospital is a stressful experience regardless of age. However, transitioning back home can prove to be just as strenuous, especially for your older loved ones. Changing settings multiple times for older patients can be an emotionally stressful time and could potentially lead to further health problems and re-hospitalization if not […]

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retirement staying active

Maintaining movement in retirement

Written by Stannah on January 1, 2017

Exercise Promotes Health Exercise and mobility are important at all stages of life. This is especially true as people retire from both the physical, social and mental activity that employment provides. Exercise and movement have long been recognised as important factors in maintaining health and in the prevention and management of chronic disease. Activities done […]

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