Are Your Parents Safe at Home? 8 Warning Signs of Problems

More and more Australians are living longer and independently as they age. When it comes to our parents, we certainly want to ensure their utmost health and safety at home. The Mayo Clinic recently shared some tips about the 8 warning signs of health problems with ageing parents. This safety guide can gauge how our ageing parents are doing, but more importantly, what we can do to help.

Written by Stannah

safety at home


Let’s take a look at some of the situations where a Stannah Stairlift may assist you:

  1. Are your parents able to take care of themselves?
  2. Are your parents experiencing memory loss?
  3. Are your parents safe in their home?

This one is important. Mayo Clinic suggest looking around your parents’ home, keeping an eye out for any warning signs. For example, do your parents have difficulty navigating a narrow stairway? Has either parent fallen recently? This is a common question we receive from worried children that their parents are having difficulty navigating the stairs. If so, it may be time to consider a stairlift. You can find more information on ways to purchase a stairlift on the following page.

  1. Are your parents safe on the road?

As we age, our functional abilities decline and we are faced becoming more fragile physically. As young drivers are at risk on our roads, so too are older drivers, especially amongst those 75 and older. Laws vary state to state, but in the majority of states a medical review is required each year for over 75’s to assess their driving abilities. This review will determine whether your parent will be able to keep their license.

Public transport is subsided and sometimes free for over 60s, and taxis are also subsidized, so check with your state government if you are concerned about your aging parent remaining on the road.

  1. Have your parents lost weight?
  2. Are your parents in good spirits?
  3. Are your parents still social?

Whether it’s down at the local RSL, heading to church on Sundays, or perhaps a bridge club, social connections help older people to lead longer, healthier lives.

There are a great many seniors clubs around the country that you can encourage your parents to participate in.

  1. Are your parents able to get around?

It is important to focus on the mobility of your parents. Have they fallen recently? Is knee or hip arthritis making it difficult for them to get around the house? This is an important issue because if your parents are having trouble getting around, they’re more than likely having difficulty navigating the stairs. This could be the opportunity to consider a Stannah stairlift and talk with your parents about some of the problems they’re encountering. For the complete list of warning signs, visit the Mayo Clinic site.

If you feel that a stairlift would benefit your elderly parents, you can contact Lift Services, Stannah’s sole distributor in Malta, who is happy to provide more information. You can also view our full range of stairlifts.